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Luxurious Cottage Interiors

Located in Wayzata, Minessotta, this luxurious lake cottage designed by Grace Hill Design, exudes elegance and many great ideas for your interiors. There’s nothing small and quaint about this cottage home. In fact, this home feels very spacious and open, which is perfect to welcome family and friend wanting to spend the weekend by the lake. I can’t see anything I don’t like in this lake cottage. I am loving the large kitchen, the chic living room with coffered ceiling, the blue-gray master bathroom and the overall feel of this home. The color palette is also something that grabs your attention and makes you wish you could repaint your home. Take a minute of your time now to feel inspired by this house tour and make sure take notes on paint colors, furniture, lighting and other designer sources all shared in this post. You will see that this place has everything you could wish for!

20 Trendy Kitchens That Will Inspire a Season of Hosting

enovating your kitchen isn’t budget friendly by any means, but there are a few things that you can easily do to give a mini facelift in time for a season of hosting and dinner parties. Obviously, not everyone has the option of marble countertops, a unique backsplash and gold barstools, but you can totally hack a kitchen update with a few tricks… and maybe a coat of paint. While you can’t go wrong with a good kitchen gadget or DIY hack, the key to true culinary inspiration often lies in a well-organized and creative kitchen. So here are 20 absolutely swoon-worthy kitchens for your inspiration and viewing pleasure.

1. Marble and Brass Bliss: True, open shelving is nothing new, but it is still super practical, pretty and functional. Plus, how else would you get to “snoop” through someone’s kitchen without actually, you know, opening any cupboards? (via Domino)

2. Modern Deco: Geometric shapes are totally “in,” and the more unique, the better. Add some geometric patterns with a tiled backsp…